We are your tool that works

We are specialists in developing sales enablement and channel marketing that is strategic, creative and produces value for our clients. As an innovative team of veterans coming from sales and marketing backgrounds, we bring both breadth and depth to the sales and channel marketing table, collaborating towards common goals with our clients

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maximizing channel sales

Getting product to sales channels at the right time in the right quantity is just the first step. Unless your product is high quality low price or commodity with moderate competition (which is no longer the case) - you always face situations of your share reduction in channel/category. And gaining share is more difficult than surrendering. We know how to gain and maximize.

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building brand message consistency

Besides creating powerful sales enablement and sales activation programs designed to empower and educate sales teams and consumers in traditional retail, we make sure consistent brand/product messaging throughout all channels is achieved and bottom-line growth is driven. All our efforts will be connected with original brand positioning and style.

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We provide

Sales enablement, Benchmarking, Penetration strategy
POS adaptation and localization, Web site design, Internet Promotion
Product trainings, Webinars, Remote reps
Competition monitoring, Reporting

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We build

Information systems, Visual navigation, Thin light LED backlit panels
Pillars, Information Stands, Mobile stands, Products from Plexiglas
Reception Tables, Profiles for hanging posters, Badges
Cable hangning systems, Magnetic presenters, Posters and photopanels
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who likes to work with us

We support our clients in thier sales channels. We go deep into each product category, benchmark featuers and pricing levels against competition then create selling POS and product sales trainings that earn affinity of those who are in front of the consumer. We do it better than others!